Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Full On Week

It has been such a crazy week and a bit. I had to visit the Emergency Room last Monday because just as I was walking out the door to go to work, I noticed that my hands had swollen up and gone very red and hot. The nurse I spoke to on the phone told me to go to the hospital. The Dr there assumed it was an allergic reaction to something and told me to carry Telfast with me. Ok. Long story short, I didn't make it in to work.

So, I get to work on Tuesday and my manager asks me to go in to a meeting room with him. I must have looked worried because he told me straight up I wasn't in trouble. Basically what he told me is that the department I work in will no longer exist in Adelaide as of mid January. We were all being sent to another area in a different building. There were two job types and it was happening in two waves. The first on November 15 and the second on January 17. I was in the January 17 wave and I gave my preference for my job type.

Needless to say, this was quite a shock and I had some immediate feelings of disappointment. I actually like my job and I'm still a little sad that the public contact factor will no longer be in my job description. I will only be dealing with practitioners in the new position. I was also looking forward to advancing another level where I was.

I don't deal very well with change when it's not initiated by me. Part control freak, part anxiety issues. I was feeling thankful that I had until January 17 to get my head around the change and come to terms with what it all meant. And of course, I am VERY thankful that I still have a job. In the private sector, it may have been a very different story.

So, fast forward to Friday afternoon and my boss asks me if I would be willing to go in the first wave instead. I had to think on the spot and was grateful when a co-worker asked him to give me a half hour to think about it. I looked at the team lists and saw that I'd have 3 close friends in my team and it would mean that I could still take my leave in January that I'd planned. I told him I'd do it.

So, now I'm staring down the face of this move. I had my tour of the new building last Tuesday and the lady was lovely. I have a couple of friends over there already and it's a pretty good team that I'm going in to. I met my new director yesterday afternoon and she was very kind and very friendly. We had a presentation at work yesterday (very low key) with the national head of our department and our site bosses. They thanked us for our years of service and gave us each a card saying thank you. We had a site happy hour last night that most of us went to and then the girls from my team went out to dinner.

So, as of Monday, I will only be dealing with tax agents on the phone. Helping them with portal issues and such. I'll guess I'll find out more during the week as training develops. Life is getting very busy because 'tis the season and all that. The timing could be better for the move, but hey, it had to happen now or later. So, we're gearing up for our annual Carols on December 18 and I'll be singing in Rundle Mall next Sunday, November 21.

I feel like I'm losing a bit of touch with friends (except for the ones I'm working with on Carols etc) but I'm hoping that it's just the time of year.

I'm still having physiotherapy on my neck, left shoulder and lower back. I'm a little frustrated with the pain and limitations, but I'm so thankful that I can get affordable (or free) treatment.

I'm sure this is a little disjointed, but I'm just kind of rambling lately to get stuff out. It's also been written in stages, so that won't help :p

I'm signing off for now because my shoulder is ouchy but will try and come back again tomorrow to update.